Grooming Services


Full Groom

The Full Groom is my most comprehensive grooming package. It will include the following:

  • General wellness check
  • Brush out prior to bathing
  • Cleaning of eyes and ears if necessary
  • Bath and shampoo
  • Blow dry, brush out and removal of excess undercoat
  • Nail clipping where required
  • Clipped/scissored cut to breed standard or owners specification
  • Sanitary areas tidied
  • A spritz of cologne!

Prices for the Full Groom will depend on the breed of the dog and the condition of his or her coat, but as an outline of prices, Toy and Small breeds from £35, Medium breeds from £40, Large breeds from £45, Extra Large breeds from £60 and for breeds that require handstripping the price will be available on request.

Bath and Brush

The Bath and Brush service is ideal for in-between Full Grooms, for short haired breeds, for moulting or shedding dogs, for muddy, smelly or dirty dogs and dogs in need of a pamper!

The service itself will include:

  • General wellness check
  • Bath and Shampoo
  • Blow dry, brush out and removal of excess undercoat
  • Nail clipping and feet trimming where required
  • A spritz of cologne!

Prices for the Bath and Brush services will depend on the breed and coat condition but will start at £20.

Bath and Blast

Got a mucky dog?

Stop by for a quick wash and blast. Your pet comes out a little damp but clean and smelling a whole lot better than before!

(Not suitable for curly or matted dogs.)

De-shed treatment

The de-shed treatment is the perfect solution for excessive shedding and dry skin. Healthy skin equals a beautiful coat!. If your dog has dry skin or sheds excessively, this is the treatment for them!

The treatment includes a thorough brush put and a shampoo with specific deshedding capability. The products products used are made with fine, nutrient rich, hypoallergenic clay and a line up of powerful, nourishing ingredients to form a creamy, mousse like texture.

Especially suitable for short haired breeds such a labradors, german shepherds, pugs, bulldogs, and general short haired crosses. Prices for small breeds starts at £35, for medium breeds, £40 and for large breeds £50

Puppy Familiarisation

Shaggy to Waggy offers a puppy familiarisation service in order to get your puppy used to the sounds, smells and sights of the grooming parlour and the sensation of being groomed. It is beneficial for puppies to be introduced to grooming as soon as possible. For this service, puppies are required to have had all their jabs and are between 12 – 16 weeks old. The service includes:

  • A chance to meet me and explore and sniff the grooming parlour
  • An introduction to the grooming table and the motion of being lifted and lowered.
  • An introduction to the brushes, combs, scissors and other grooming equipment
  • A bath and a gentle groom including picking their paws up and touching their legs, face and ears so that they will be comfortable for this to happen in future grooming sessions
  • If required, their nails will also be slightly clipped

Price for this service is £20 and when your puppy is 4 months old, grooming will be charged at the full price.

Quick Fixes

At Shaggy to Waggy we offer a few quick fixes to ensure your precious pooch is looking good at all times!

  • Nail clip £10
  • Ear cleaning £5
  • Feet and pad tidy £20
  • Face trim £10